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Faceless? More like lifeless!

December 26th, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas… and we went into the proper 10-man version of Dragon Soul (LFR was too easy, after all, and there was too many other people snatching our loots!). Mor’chok was his usual loot-piƱata self, and pretty much stumbled over his own feet and lay dead on the frozen ground.

We dropped into the depts of whatever old god bodypart (ugh..) Warlord Zon’Ozz lives in. Judging by the minimap, he lives in a… no, let’s not go there.. :-/

Anyways, after a bit of volleyball training, we managed to down him, fairly easily.

Trying to cleanse this disgusting place with the power of pine.

Full of confidence we drop into what appears to be the stomach, filled with disgusting slimey acids /shudder.

At first we got all the “good” slime combinations (“go to the center.. go to the center.. go to the center.. WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU DO, DO NOT STAND NEXT TO OTHER PEOPLE!!” AKA conflicting tactics xD)

But, eventually we got a better fight with much easier slime combos, and Yor’Sahj the Unsleeping (who can sleep inside a stomach anyways?) fell like the pile of partially digested crap he is ;)

Is that glitter coming outta his arse? :O

Well done, and MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEARS to all :D

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Morchok, more loot!

December 5th, 2011

The one screenshot I had in my folder, with no dead dragons falling from the sky...

This wednesday, as we all know, patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight arrived on Azeroth, and with it came the new raid, Dragon Soul. In true TR spirit, we had to spend patch night in this new place, so after searching around Dragonblight and Wyrmrest Temple for the instance portal (duh! It’s in Caverns of Time!), we went in for our first look.

We killed some trash mobs, and apparently one of them, some big dude called Morchok, dropped epic loot :) A little surprised to see how undertuned the first boss of the raid was, as we felled him on our first try, but I must say things looked different as we tried out the second encounter, which even had us wiping multiple times on trash! I guess we’re just not sporty tennis types…

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Day of the Dead (Ragnaros!)

November 2nd, 2011

Quite the ominous sight...

The Day of the Dead. Seems that more than Catrina were to be dead on this day.

We had waited long enough, wiped night after night, each time going back to Stormwind with a bacon-ish smell to us, frustrated that we still didn’t manage to end Ragnaros’ reign of terror in the Night Elves’ beloved Mt. Hyjal. But no more. No more shall he threaten to burn our trees. No more shall he be the cause of poor Mylune having nightmares of fluffy animals dying. No more shall we arrive too soon. Because this night, the Day of the Dead, the first day of the 11th month.. he is no more. Or well.. at least we think so. Well.. I guess.. he kind of slipped away.. or.. turned into a giant chest of loots? To be honest.. We’ve no clue where he buggered off to. Maybe he had to check on his prosthetic legs? *shrugs*

Nonetheless, he’s gone now. Or at least appears to be. If it wasn’t for the raid reset, at least.

Last night was also testament to the usual panicking Tri, as the stress and pressure caused at least 1 suicide. But what the heck…

Tri panics…

(I apologise in advance for the extremely annoying voice. It definately isn’t me! *whistles innocently*)

Peek-a-boo, said the loot chest :)

So, bring on 4.3, we’re ready!

- Tri, panicking guild leader of Tabula Rasa ;)

Hot tempered former Arch Druid in a fit. We arrived too soon!

October 6th, 2011

At Ragnaros’ doorstep we ran into a certain former Arch Druid, Fandral Staghelm. We were all furious after he made us farm endless amounts of Morrowgrain back in Vanilla, so we had to show him that WE were the bosses now.

He wasn’t too happy about it, and tried both Feral Charge: Cat and massive Swipe, but we were pretty determined to turn our own druids into shiny fire kitties. Oh yeah, and we weren’t too happy about the whole “Morrowgrain was really used to try to kill Malfurion”-thing either..

To make a long story short.. we now have at least one fire kitty in the guild ;)

Farming Morrowgrain is NOT cool -_-

On a slightly lighter note: The Firelands is GREAT this time of year!

I might rent a cabin here, once we clean it out of Ragnaros and the rest of his cronies.

Thanks again, my little tablets :)

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

TR defeats giant roasted chicken, Baleroc didn’t enjoy the BBQ

October 5th, 2011

Progress in Firelands was long overdue, so we put on our mean faces and wiped the floor with Shannox, Beth’tilac and Rhyolith, before proceding to Baleroc, who simply shat bricks at the sight of us..

Is that a big sword, or are you happy to see us?

We celebrated with a big BBQ’ed chicken called Alysrazor. It was clever, since we didn’t need any coals or anything ;)

She was not amused.. But you know.. that's life when you're an evil bastard.

Good job, my tablets ;) 5 down, 2 to go!

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Lord of the Rhyoliths

August 24th, 2011

It was time for the third boss in The Firelands to bite the dust. The add gauntlet before the boss was – quite frankly – catastrophic. We may have to read up on that a little… The boss fight itself took a lot of time to get used to, how the leg turning mechanic worked (he seemed to sometimes react very slowly to our attempts to turn him around) and how we had to use the vulcanoes. And once we pushed him into the burn phase, all hell broke lose. We tried timing the phase shift so we could top people off with healing but alas, it did not want to happen the way we intended, so let’s just say that the kill was about 50% skill and 50% luck ;)

But, down he went, and that’s all that counts. A few more goes, and we will nail it!

As it turned out.. HE was the nuisance!

Good job, my luvlies!

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa!

R.I.P.limb, Shannox and Rageface!

August 18th, 2011

As we now have a gnome to sacrifice before trying out new bosses (for luck and raid buffs!) we managed to down Shannox and his lovely little doggies in only a few tries. Pretty fun fight, and very manageable. Tank debuffs and accidential pulling was our biggest issues, and we got that sorted soon enough. Well done, guys!

.. and he dropped hunter loot, of course!

Thanks to Alex for the witty title on this post ;)

- Tri, Guild Leader

Tabula Rasa’s first annual Guild Meet!

August 14th, 2011

Hearthstone Cupcakes made by Anna and Lene

The first ever Tabula Rasa Guild Meet is now over. I had so much fun, and was so happy to meet some of you “IRL”. And I must say that friday night was an amazing party – thanks to “Captain Worgen” and awesome company :)

I really, REALLY hope we will do this again. I <3 you all, thanks so much for coming to visit Bri and me!

Participants: Elmanther, Iltharion, Zaymal, Vyrt, Kasio (and baby Milena <3), Hisi, Orsos, Druelf and myself, of course :)

Pictures and “stuff” coming soon on the forums :)

- Tri, one happy Guild Leader ;)

Itsy bitsy spider…

August 3rd, 2011

Tabula Rasa now officially has a foothold in the Firelands, as we killed our first boss, Beth’ilac. As usual, just when the raid was supposed to be over, we had our FINAL try. We struggled a lot with the going up and down on the web, as we kept messing up; healer going up first, tank falling through holes, DPS coming up late, spiders being eaten once she goes down, and lack of mana for our healers. Interesting fight, definately. And a good change from the nerfed-in-the-ground tier 11 raids!

Also, our lovely Annalicious (Hisi) got her first Living Ember towards her Legendary staff :)

Down came the TR, and washed the spider out!

Good job :)

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Defenders of a Shattered World

July 20th, 2011

After last night’s game of Mario, dodging weird tornadoes, ice patches and other horrible things, we are now Defenders of a Shattered World. Al’Akir finally fell last night, which means that we have cleared all the tier 11 content.

Hanging mid air feels a bit.. awkward..

In my personal opinion, the nerfbat probably hit the raids a wee bit too hard.. Maybe a progressive nerf (a la Icecrown) would have been a lot better – or at least adding the option to say no thanks and do the fights like they were meant to be. Downing a new boss after maybe 5 tries.. it just doesn’t feel that super epic (I still have very vivid memories of finally killing the Lich King after endless amounts of deaths). But, still nice to finish the raid tier, nonetheless. At least we got to see it all in a fairly timely manner!

Oh, and those new mounts are EPIC!

Pretty :D

Well worth the wait, these Phoenixes!

Well done, all!

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa