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The Guild Charter

Postby Tri » Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:43 am

Tabula Rasa – from now on referred to as TR – was founded by me (Tri) in january 2007, because I wanted to play World of Warcraft with other adults, as I consider WoW a great way to meet and interact with people, and a great way to make friends. Because of that, I wanted a guild where people had similar interests to myself – meaning work / studies and family.
That is the reason why we have an age limit (21 years). I know that a person doesn’t automatically mature on their 21st birthday, but I feel that it’s the best option I have to filter people.

  • The age rule is not up for discussion.
  • It’s meant as a way of filtering people at a similar stage of life and sense of humor.

I know that many adults can’t commit to a game every single day, and definitely not for 4+ hours many evenings per week, which is why I’ve chosen to keep TR very casual compared to most guilds. However, we started raiding Karazhan back in august 2007, and found out that we enjoyed it a lot – so we want to take raiding seriously, just without the high level of attendance. We naturally progress a lot slower than regular raiding guilds because of that, but we feel that keeping raiding a game and not a job is the way to go. Then progress will have to take a second priority.

  • We have only a few raid days every week, and realise that not everyone can commit to many hours every day.
  • We have a slower progression, but it doesn’t equal zero progression…

So, what is “casual” to TR?
The thing that makes us a casual guild, is that we do not require anyone to sit here every single evening and go on so and so many raids, farm this and that or always do things demanded by other guild players. But since WoW isn’t a single player game, and we form guilds in order to socialize with other people, we encourage our members to participate in as many raids, instance runs, events, guild meetings, guild chats and discussions as possible.

  • All members are encouraged to be as active as they can / feel like. WoW is a multiplayer game, and doing stuff together is how you best socialize. Doing “stuff together” can also just mean have an interesting chat in /g

In a guild like TR, we form friendships and care about each other. This is why we want you to be active once in a while, and not just go away for months without a word. We understand if you need a break from the game, or go on vacations etc, all we ask is that you let us know. It’s also very difficult for us to get to know you if we don’t see you, which is why we really encourage you to play actively.

  • Activity also improves the friendships we form.
  • If you need to go away, make sure to let us know – we do worry if someone vanishes!
  • Use the “I need to be away..” forum on our guildsite.
  • Say hello and goodbye when you log in / out. It’s polite, and it’s nice to hear you’re really there! Replying when someone else speaks in chat of course goes without saying.
  • Try to follow the "10 second rule" - When you say goodbye in guild chat, give people around 10 seconds to respond before you hit "Logout". This also goes for logging out of Teamspeak

We have a website with guild news and forums. We really encourage everyone to use the website / forum a lot, since it has a lot of value – for example for guild discussions (changes in guild, problems we have to work out etc.), news, stories, and various kinds of info. It has also taken a lot of time and work to make, so that’s another reason to put it to good use!

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