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Long overdue…

May 13th, 2015

Due to my trip to the hospital, I didn’t get these posted in a timely manner, but that doesn’t mean we should be cheated of them! So here’s our Tectus and Twin Ogron killshots! Two new kills in one night was definately a good job!

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Well, he wasn’t a fungi to kill…

March 21st, 2015

After many a try keeping the floor clean, we finally managed to kill this big ugly thing.

Next up is someone who really likes mountains ;)

- Tri, GL of Tabula Rasa

Houston, we have a problem!

February 21st, 2015

My website host updated PHP to a newer version, sadly resulting in our forum completely vanishing from the air. I’m very unlikely to be able to fix this, as the forum software is about 15 years old ;)

BUT I do have plans to make a new one, and I’ll also hopefully be able to salvage a few things from the old one, for instance our Guild Charter and such things (hey, no need to re-invent something that worked, right?).

This will take some time, however, especially since I don’t think I can really get started on much until I can use my regular computer, in 2 weeks when I’ll finally get home from the hospital. Also, as I haven’t fiddled with this PHP stuff for quite some time, it might take me a little while to get back into it, so don’t expect rapid miracles ;)

Hopefully, we will eventually have a more exciting website that our members want to use again.

I miss you guys :)

- Tri, Guild Leader and admin (yikes!) of Tabula Rasa!

Kargath the Stumpy – because we owed him one!

December 9th, 2014

True to TR tradition, since there was a new raid out, we had to go have a look at it. It did not take long, before we found ourselves enclosed in some sort of crazy arena, with ogres surrounding us on all sides. Before us stood Kargath Bladefist, and was very angry, because we never quite killed those 100…

But I’d say that now we’re even!

Chop chop and his bladed fist was now just a mere stump!

Great fun – hope we can come back soon and do it again!

Tri – Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Also a thank you to the “Ineffables” who joined us; Nikki, Holly, Johnno and Brand!

The end of a tyrant.. well sort of, at least!

November 8th, 2014

The brave and persistent heroes

We felt it was of great importance to clear out Siege of Orgrimmar before the next expansion, so the last two weeks was spent taking down the various bosses in there. Most of them actually went down rather willingly, but the biggest problem was the big boss Garrosh himself.

Our team consisted of parts Tabula Rasa, parts Ineffable, parts friends and even a few people from other servers, found through the new group finder for premade groups (great new system, by the way!).

In the end, we walked away one new shiny heirloom richer :)

Good job, guys. It was really fun to raid again, and I look forward to all the new content in WoD!

- Tri

One more with the names

Night of the dragon – bye bye 5.4!

October 15th, 2014

Last night of the green Dark Portal.

T’was the night before patch 6.0.2. Anticipation drew many people to Blasted Lands, to have a last look at the Dark Portal, before it’s change towards a redder future! The evening sky was thick with dragons of all kinds.

One thing is anticipation for a new patch and an upcoming expansion. Another thing is anticipation for a guild reboot! It is now time for us to gather amongst friends yet again, and fight our foes together.

Here’s to a bright future with lots of fun and new memories to be forged :)

- Tri

Guild merger + dead Sha!

August 23rd, 2013

Loooong time no news.. But here’s a bit, as there’s now happened a few important things in Tabula Rasa.

First of all, Tabula Rasa spawned a sister guild in a different game, RIFT. We play on the Blightweald shard, and plan to run it similarly to our WoW guild. You can join as any faction, as Trion pretty much got rid of the faction distinction, except for a few purposes. This website may very well change perspective to a more RIFT themed place, due to my next piece of news…

The Azeroth version of Tabula Rasa on Emerald Dream has taken a well deserved vacation, and is currently semi-retired into an alt guild. This is because we struggled very badly getting raids together. On a lighter note, though, a good handful or TR members have joined a different guild, Ineffable, in which we had some ties. Mainly Anna (Hisi/Nizel) who was with us for a long time. This guild also had very similar raid progression as where we left off, and we have now together finished off Heart of Fear, and last night also Terrace of the Endless Spring, as Sha of Fear fell.

Hopefully we will all setlle nicely in this new home – Ineffable and our Telaran counterpart both!

Sha of Fear killshot.

And all this time, we thought he said "BREEEEAATHE!"

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

Progress in Heart of Fear

May 16th, 2013

With two bosses down in Heart of Fear now, I guess I can safely say that we’re progressing!

The fights in here proves harder than the fights in Mogu’shan Vaults, though, but that’s also what progressing is about.. right?

We struggled even more last night, as our raid leader was somehow blocked from TeamSpeak. Interesting to learn Garalon without your team leader ;)

Here's some grass for all that wind..

Continue to sign up for raids, people! ;)

- Tri.

The (last) Will (and Testament) of the Emperor. And Elegon too!

March 28th, 2013

I hope this floor stays here... :-/

Since Tholand finally got himself hit capped, we managed to get the last 2 percent of the “Guild Killer” – Elegon. The zerg tactic in last phase proved efficient, though damn frightening! Pushing it to the limit ;)

After that, we moved straight on to Will of the Emperor, and just owned that fight. Exactly like done on LFR, so not much to learn there.

There we have it: First raid down!

And that’s it for the first raid Guild Achivement earned :D

Since we were so damn fast, we still had half an hour left, so flew straight to Dread Wastes to have a look at Heart of Fear. We don’t fear anything, so we dug right in there, and just about killed the first boss there too. Sadly we lost a few people in the first few phases (not enough room under those damn shields!) so we eventually got nuked by the enrage timer. But he is SO going down on tuesday!

Amazing job everyone – plus our raid buddy Bandaba who is still with us – now let’s just hope that Xstitch’s golden friend won’t photobomb -all- our killshots ;)

- Tri, Tabula Rasa Guild Leader.

Several adventurers took arrows to their knees. Now on guard duty.

March 20th, 2013

Last night we finally got a raid going again, and made a bit of progress in Mogu’shan Vaults.

Thus, we managed to take down both Gara’jal the Spiritbinder and the Spirit Kings

Look! Someone brought their pet bear cub.. awww!

This is where we had multiple accidents involving arrows.But hey! At least now Stormwind will be properly guarded!

Thanks to our new raiding buddy Bandaba for joining us :)

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa!