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Phen and Tri at the guild's 3 year birthday

Tabula Rasa is a World of Warcraft guild, located on the european PvE server, Emerald Dream. We play on the alliance side.

Tabula Rasa is a “casual, social raiding guild” where we try to balance raiding around our members’ real lives. We are a quite mature guild, and only accepts members over 21 years of age, since it’s important to us that we have things in common. Most of our members are in their mid-late 20s and come from all parts of Europe, though the majority seems to be English or Scandinavian.

We try to balance the guild by including what we call “social events” to include all members – also those who doesn’t like to raid. Examples on social events could be birthday parties, travelling to “hidden” places in Azeroth, making lvl 1 races (we’ve done one from Teldrassil to the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj), naked instance runs and “the lemming run”.

Sometimes, we’re pretty silly, and the guild chat occasionally reflects this.. we try to not take ourselves, the game or life in general too seriously. So a good sense of humor and an open mind is a must-have!

If you want to know more about Tabula Rasa, you should read our Guild Charter, which explains pretty much what we stand for. You can find the Guild Charter here.