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Houston, we have a problem!

My website host updated PHP to a newer version, sadly resulting in our forum completely vanishing from the air. I’m very unlikely to be able to fix this, as the forum software is about 15 years old ;)

BUT I do have plans to make a new one, and I’ll also hopefully be able to salvage a few things from the old one, for instance our Guild Charter and such things (hey, no need to re-invent something that worked, right?).

This will take some time, however, especially since I don’t think I can really get started on much until I can use my regular computer, in 2 weeks when I’ll finally get home from the hospital. Also, as I haven’t fiddled with this PHP stuff for quite some time, it might take me a little while to get back into it, so don’t expect rapid miracles ;)

Hopefully, we will eventually have a more exciting website that our members want to use again.

I miss you guys :)

- Tri, Guild Leader and admin (yikes!) of Tabula Rasa!

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  1. Vyrt says:

    We miss you a lot as well, get back soon!

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