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Guild merger + dead Sha!

Loooong time no news.. But here’s a bit, as there’s now happened a few important things in Tabula Rasa.

First of all, Tabula Rasa spawned a sister guild in a different game, RIFT. We play on the Blightweald shard, and plan to run it similarly to our WoW guild. You can join as any faction, as Trion pretty much got rid of the faction distinction, except for a few purposes. This website may very well change perspective to a more RIFT themed place, due to my next piece of news…

The Azeroth version of Tabula Rasa on Emerald Dream has taken a well deserved vacation, and is currently semi-retired into an alt guild. This is because we struggled very badly getting raids together. On a lighter note, though, a good handful or TR members have joined a different guild, Ineffable, in which we had some ties. Mainly Anna (Hisi/Nizel) who was with us for a long time. This guild also had very similar raid progression as where we left off, and we have now together finished off Heart of Fear, and last night also Terrace of the Endless Spring, as Sha of Fear fell.

Hopefully we will all setlle nicely in this new home – Ineffable and our Telaran counterpart both!

Sha of Fear killshot.

And all this time, we thought he said "BREEEEAATHE!"

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

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