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The (last) Will (and Testament) of the Emperor. And Elegon too!

I hope this floor stays here... :-/

Since Tholand finally got himself hit capped, we managed to get the last 2 percent of the “Guild Killer” – Elegon. The zerg tactic in last phase proved efficient, though damn frightening! Pushing it to the limit ;)

After that, we moved straight on to Will of the Emperor, and just owned that fight. Exactly like done on LFR, so not much to learn there.

There we have it: First raid down!

And that’s it for the first raid Guild Achivement earned :D

Since we were so damn fast, we still had half an hour left, so flew straight to Dread Wastes to have a look at Heart of Fear. We don’t fear anything, so we dug right in there, and just about killed the first boss there too. Sadly we lost a few people in the first few phases (not enough room under those damn shields!) so we eventually got nuked by the enrage timer. But he is SO going down on tuesday!

Amazing job everyone – plus our raid buddy Bandaba who is still with us – now let’s just hope that Xstitch’s golden friend won’t photobomb -all- our killshots ;)

- Tri, Tabula Rasa Guild Leader.

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