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Not dead yet..

Reboooooorn in flames!

Hey, everyone.

It may seem like it, but the phoenix isn’t dead yet, just in its ash phase. Soon, a small spark will rekindle it, and it will burst out of a mountain screaming “REBOOOOOOOORRRN IN FLAMES!”. Or perhaps I mixed it up with something.. but fact is: We’re not dead. We’re just.. slumbering.

Truth be told; we were hit hard by two dreaded monsters at the same time. Two monsters called “Summer” and “Pre-expansion-lull”. We’ve tried before, and not manged to beat either of them, so naturally, being attacked by both simultaniously is just too much for us.

But, as we all know, we don’t die permanently in WoW, so we just have to spirit res and wait for the sickness to pass.

Anyways, enough with the analogies. We’re back when mists of Pandaria is released. Or at least when 5.0 is out. Hopefully sooner than later. I bloody miss playing with you all!

- love from the Guild Mom, Tri

Addendum: How funny is it that I write this post the day the launch date is announced?! So, just two more months left to wait, guys! Hang in there!

3 Responses to “Not dead yet..”

  1. Phen says:

    YAY MoP on its way WEEE!!!!!

  2. Gysande says:


    My computer broke for good and I’m not sure how soon I’ll replace it. It will be a while until I get back :(


  3. tabula_rasa says:

    Sucks, Gys :( If it had been my computer, I’d rage and have ordered a new one within the day! Damn, couldn’t live without it :O

    Hope you get sorted soon!
    - Tri

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