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He used to be Deathwing, The Destroyer – but then he took a raid in the spine!

Too.. much.. GLITTER!

After a very convincing couple of kills on Ultraxxion and Blackhorn, it was time to have a go at Spin(e) of Deathwing.

After quite a few attempts, where one or the other misunderstood the commands from our (luckily) patient Raid Leader – damn it’s confusing when Boss Mods yells GET SECURE and Alan yells NOT YET, MIDDLE! – we finally made it. Deathwing crashed as the big bug that he is, into the Maelstrom.

You’d think he’d be Therazane’s problem now, but it seems like the Old Gods aren’t ready to let go of their priced stud just yet. We had a pretty neat go at Madness of Deathwing before raid time was up. And we also got to see what happens if he finishes casting Cataclysm … In the utter darkness, it was a relief to see Phen’s reincarnate macro’s speech bubble “I’m up, I’m up!”. Phew!

Well done, homies. One to go!

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

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