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Destroyer’s End

Here we go.. the end of the Cataclysm.

The blast knocked everyone off of their feet, and everything seemed to fade into darkness, even the sound of the roaring ocean around them. Only moments earlier, they had fought the remnants of The Destroyer, the madness within him, caused by the Old Gods. The heroes had not been alone in the ordeal, as the four great dragon Aspects had done their best to aid them. But what can mere mortals do against the madness of the Old Gods?

Thilda looked around her. Time itself seemed to have slowed down, as everyone moved in slow motion. Several of her friends – brothers and sisters of the guild Tabula Rasa – had already buckled and lay seemingly dead or unconscius on the platform. This was what she saw, as the final blast knocked her over, and everything faded into darkness.

Screaming. Someone was screaming. She wasn’t sure if it was a spark of her own imagination, or if it was real. There were other sounds as well.. someone mumbling.. someone groaning. But still.. the screaming as well. Her senses began to return to her, and she felt the cold sea spray on her face. She slowly opened her eyes and to her surprise the sky was above her, not pitch black as expected, but a delicate blue and orange. It seemed that the clouds had cleared and the morning sun was carefully peeking over the horizon in the east. Thilda was still puzzled over the screaming. It sounded so familiar..

Help me!” Phenacite yelled. She had been knocked off the platform, and just barely managed to hold on.

Oh dear..” Thilda mumbled to herself, and tried to get on her feet. Vertigo hit her as she stood up, but a fast healing spell calmed her down, and she managed to stand up straight, and she looked around in the direction where she heard the cry for help.

Phenny?” she called out.

Tri? Tri! Help me! Get me up!”

Thilda managed to pull Phenacite up to the platform again, and the two of them shared a fast, relieved embrace.

The others..?” Phen asked.

I don’t know yet,” Thilda said, ”we have to check on them. By Cenarius, I hope that they haven’t been knocked off as well..!”

A short while later, they had found and counted all of their friends. As if by a miracle, they had all survived the battle, albeit most had injuries of some kind. Phenacite and the priestess, Zahrah, were doing their best to get everyone back on their feet, by mending their wounds and soothing any pain. Thilda glanced at the four dragons, that were slowly getting up as well. Did they seem.. smaller?

And just like that.. The Cataclysm is over, and we’re ready for Mists of Pandaria. I’m excited to see what the next expansion will bring for us.

I <3 you all!

- Tri

My beautiful army of Tablets <3


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