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After Twilight, comes the “down”!

Ouch.. that outta hurt..

Ultraxxion – an obvious gear check for the second half of Dragon Soul, was downed by us tuesday night. Although, with just about 20 seconds to spare on the enrage timer, gearing up a little more is probably not a bad idea. We had quite a lot of tries on the Warlord on the Skyfire afterwards, but struggled immensely with it, so I’d say that killing the gearcheck is no guarantuee the rest is a walk in the park :)

We did pretty much walk all over Ultraxxion again wednesday night, though, as well as the first 4 in the Siege, so we’re doing pretty well, here in our 3rd week in Dragon Soul.

Tri and her feared army of tablets!

- Tri, Guild Leader of Tabula Rasa

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